Jamey McDonald

Vancouver, BC

Need help negotiating life?  Serious about making progress in your career?  I am a life coach that brings results to individuals and organizations.  

There are times in the journey when it would be great to get some help.  It makes a difference.  


I provide one on one, private, confidential sessions to clients helping them focus, clarify, and make progress in their personal and professional life. Two thirds of my clients do not reside in the Vancouver area but access me through on line means.  It's not only more efficient a usage of time, but it is also surprisingly effective. 

Work with me and you get:  

1. clarity surrounding your situation(s)

2.  strategies to overcome roadblocks and stall points

3.  support while you initiate new actions and behaviours

4.  feedback, monitoring and encouragement along the way

I am certified in personal counselling, life coaching, and organizational consultant work.  


Please contact me for a free on-line consultation. You will receive my complete and confidential attention, and my heartfelt recommendation on how to support your success.